On-Line Courses
        COURSE                                                    DATE                                  REGISTRATION LINK

     IICRC WRT (water damage)                        06/10-12-2020                    http://crassassociation.org/live-stream-courses

    IICRC FSRT (fire damage)                           04/29-30/2020                     http://crassassociation.org/live-stream-courses

    IICRC OCT   (odor control)                           05/01/2020                          http://crassassociation.org/live-stream-courses 
Horizon Consultants Class Schedule
Classroom Courses

        COURSE                                          DATE/TIME                                     LOCATION 

        IICRC WRT  (water damage)
        IICRC FSRT (fire damage)

        IICRC OCT   (odor control)           
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At Horizon Consultants, we take care to provide our clients with high quality and interactive learning opportunities.  Our goal is to prepare you for the skill sets needed to assist you in achieving your career goals.  

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